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4 Webinars To Help You Restore Lost Sales & Clients By Joe Crisara

March 12, 2012 at 10:08am Tags: , , ,

HVAC Sales Winners Cup Series

INVESTMENT: $47 for entire 4-part course and archive access

DURATION: – Each webinar starts at 1 p.m. EST and lasts for 60 minutes EACH

WHEN: Begins Thursday, March 29 and continues for 3 consecutive Thursdays after that

WHO: Although this is sponsored by an HVAC magazine the info applies to all SERVICE contractors

BONUS: Access to video replays & mp3 audio downloads of all 4 webinars for one year following the event

First Time Ever Offered

The HVAC Sales Winners Cup event is more than “just” a webinar – It’s a SERIES of FOUR powerful webinars from the Nation’s TOP trainers. You’ll “get the checkered flag of sales” with these easy to use strategies for your company including:

  • March 29 – Course #1 Triple Your Sales In 30 Days: Joe Crisara will increase your sales by using blistering selling strategies created by the urgent need to maintain and increase revenue and profit in the ‘new economy’. (See more detail on Course #1 below.)
  • April 5 – Course #2 Differentiation, Desire & Credibility: See how Drew Cameron turns the traditional selling model on it’s ear by getting buyers to beg you for your custom solutions. Stop comparing “apples to apples” and find your “blue ocean.”
  • April 12 – Course #3 The 10 Lies Of Bad Sales People: “World Class” $6 Million Dollar HVAC Salesman Rick Picard uncovers the “SCAMMS” that techs & sales people use to justify mediocre or terrible results. He also shows you what a winner looks like too.
  • April 19 – Course #4 Equipment Lead Turnover Avalanche: Joe Crisara will help you remove the division between hvac techs and sales people. Get your team on the same page and inspire customers to say the magic words… “I want to replace this junky unit.

Day four includes a summary roadmap to take you to the WINNERS CIRCLE. You won’t wonder what to do next! Tools, downloads, and follow up training included!

Register ONE TIME for access to all 4 webinars. Includes all Workbooks, Downloads, Follow Up training.

Course #1: Triple Your Sales In 30 Days – Joe Crisara
LIVE PRESENTATION: March 29th – Full details in your inbox upon registration.

Sales expert Joe Crisara will show you the MASSIVE OVERHAUL that is needed for your sales machine that have happened as a result of the new economy. If you’re still selling your services like you did in 2007, no wonder you are losing the hvac race to competitors. In this sprint cup session, you’ll see – -

  • The “captain-obvious” reason why your team struggles
  • Selling Made Simple – 3 simple concepts to WIN more sales
  • The most powerful word in selling that convert 86% of sales if used correctly
  • Options Not Ultimatums – Giving your client the freedom to choose solutions in service or sale
  • Close The Deal – Four simple words that will triple your close rate and handle all objections

Plus you’ll get a FREE workbook, downloadable content, follow up training emails, PLUS a sneak peak at the next webinar in the series.

NOTE: ONLY 550 lines available (Joe’s private coaching cost ten times this amount and routinely sellout on the first day)
PLEASE REGISTER TODAY. When this event closes, that’s it. Do not delay.

THIS HAS NEVER BEEN OFFERED BEFORE. Four webinars that will not only change your sales but also change your life

ClICK HERE to join us for this special event


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